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Bunny Boarding Services

A comfortable, cuddly, and affordable hostel for your bunny! Here, your furry friend will be showered with all the affection and care it deserves, including unlimited hay, fresh water, clean bedding, tasty treats, toys, and even gentle massages. Your rabbit will hop and flop in its private, spacious, air-conditioned, and bunny-proofed space. 

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1. Where will my rabbit be kept?

Each rabbit has its own separate space (unless they are bonded pairs) enclosed by extra-large playpens, ensuring over 24 square feet of individual space for exploration and enjoyment!

Take a look at the gallery photos for the setups.

2. Do I need to worry about other pets?

No need to worry at all. Our home is free from cats, dogs, or other pets; we only care for rabbits. We make sure each bunny has its own separate space, so there's no contact with other rabbits.

3. What do you provide for my bunny?

Everything bunnies need including

  • Unlimited hay, water and clean beddings changed frequently

  • Pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Toys and massages

  • Daily updates with photos and videos

4. What do I need to bring?

You don't have to bring anything, but feel free to bring any of your bunny's home comforts (e.g. water bowl/bottle, toys, treats...).

“I would highly recommend Amy for bunny boarding services.  I saw my bunny binkying on camera which helped me to be at ease to know my bunny was having the time of her life.  Amy provides the bunnies with spacious living quarters and she will set up the living quarters to your set up at home. I have boarded my bunny other places and I will never place my bunny elsewhere again.  Amys work ethic and caring nature has won me over.  I promise her boarding services will not disappoint.”

Fifi's owner | 08/31/2023


Located in Belleville NJ, we provide bunny boarding at our home in New Jersey for your cherished furry friends! We have been taking care of rabbits for 4 years.

We are Pet Care insured.

Trust us to treat your rabbits as part of our family because at Bunny Boarding NJ, we're not just caretakers, we're bunny enthusiasts at heart.

Pet Care Insured
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